All staff are friendly, available and very knowledgeable. We have absolute faith and trust in Werner and are very happy with the service.

– Chris and Ray

We really appreciate the option to invest ethically. We appreciate your exceptional service and advice we receive, especially as we approach retirement in these strange and challenging times.

Watzdorf’s staff are a standout in your field, the communications are excellent on all platforms, and Manuela is just wonderful in determining our way forward and educating us on the ever growing complexity of investment and superannuation.

– Michelle and Gary

You make my life easier knowing I have you all to help.

– Graham

When we were dealing with Centrelink a couple of years ago, to us, it was a nightmare but Werner got us through it.

– Carol

All staff seem to be kept up with the latest rules and regulations so know their area of business. If we ask a question we either get a complete answer immediately or, in rare cases, via a callback message or email so after. The staff are always friendly, the coffee is great and the social events are much appreciated. Werner takes a real interest in his clients as friends rather than just customers.

– Jack and Anne

Professional, personalised, respectful, and extremely timely.

– Marylou

The service from this Company has consistently been available whether it be a forward planning meeting or one that has to be responded to re: a request from a call from us to be able to meet. Thankyou for your consistent good information and help.

– Elizabeth

Friendly, prompt, informed, supportive and always available. Have helped us to be in a financially secure position so we can retire early and on our terms.

– Brian and Doris

Fully comprehensive explanations. Easy to understand. Great direction of financial situation.

– Lesley

Friendly, approachable and knowledgeable people. I like the regular email communication rather than relying on social media.

– Shirley

I am very sure you will always do your best for me and I’m happy to recommend your services to anyone.

– Marion

Manuela coming to my house not long after marriage separation and made me feel more at ease with my finances.

– Melanie

Manuela was very good dealing with my preparation for transition to retirement.

– Priscilla